Build first quad copter, Need help!


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I am new to the RC community and i want to go into the quad copter. I am trying to figure out what parts i should buy. I want to build my quad so it can carry GoPro camera. I have found i think every thing i need but i am not sure if i am buying the right things or if i am missing something.

I would be really happy if someone that knows about quads more then me to help me.

Here is the parts that i am thinking about:

Frame x 1

Battery x 2

ESC x 4

Power Distribution Board

Props x 2

Motor x 4

Motor ACC x 4

Flight Control Board x 1


Radios & Receivers



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the extra shaft was if i broke something and the accessories pack i was looking for prop nuts :) but the 20A ESCs should i buy all none OPTO or 3 OPTO and one none OPTO ?

thanks for the help