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  1. S

    Bloody Wonder vs Bloody Wonder MKIII?

    What, exactly, are the differences between these two models? Can the BW build video still be used to build the BW MKIII? Which is the better plane in your opinion? Thanks!
  2. N

    Need some help regarding max weights for take off with high kv motor

    My self Nikhil Rathore and recently i made one new plane that is looking slightly similarly to ft explorer but it has a wooden wing spar and i use a different kind of foam board and together all electronics it is weighting approx 2 kg and the motor i am using is NTM Propdrive 2836 3000kv with...
  3. S

    FT Mini Arrow efficiency build

    WOW!! Totally blown away with some of these Arrow designs and just the forum community in general. I now have another question to ask. I have decided on my second plane, and would like to get a general idea for what to shop around for. I'd really enjoy an Arrow with some zip but also efficiency...
  4. NathanielF87

    New here! Will these quadcopter parts work together?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this question isn't too much for my first post :) Over the last few weeks I've been learning as much as I can about mini race quads, and want to get one. Before I start ordering parts though, I thought it would be a good idea to ask if there is any problem with these parts...
  5. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input?

    Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking the initiative to grow and expand what I...
  6. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an Inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking...
  7. D

    New Plebe Reporting for Duty

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for such a great resource. I've been into quads for a couple of years...started out with the toy ones (Syma X1 and Hubsan X4). Got pretty comfortable flying those and decided last year to build my first quad. After collecting parts for awhile, I finally...
  8. M

    Father and Son - Multi-Rotor

    My 15yo son and I just built our first mini quad (a Martian II 220) and did a short maiden yesterday. We've been long time FT fans and have finally started to expand beyond fixed wing RC and see what the FPV craze is all about. We're taking our time and spending lots of time on the sim. Loved...
  9. V

    Flite Test Builds: Add FPV?

    Hi everyone ;) ! I am looking to build a small aircraft that has some acrobatic possibilities and can carry a small fpv system like the Eachine TX03 (weighs about 6 grams). Which ft planes would carry it fine? In particular, would the mighty mini sportster, the mighty mini dr1 and/or se5 carry...
  10. Archimedian

    Alternative to DOPE on tissue/Trainer build pics

    Balsa and tissue became an obvious solution for lightness, compared to foamcore. Easy to build and assemble, so easy in fact, that i was done before i ever learned about airplane dope. I would assume that the majority of amateur builders never pick any up, and instead just do a little...
  11. Bob A

    Old new guy, starting over

    O.K., I've made a few posts here, four so far, of little consequence, but now I need to post something of importance - I think.:o I finally got around to printing, taping together and cutting out the plans for the Mini Guinea. I then made a kit from Dollar Store foam board and built the plane...
  12. T

    Update old build plans.

    Hi. I have now started on my first scratchbuild and i started with the Tiny Trainer. Would be nice if there is a posibility to go back and update old build plans so they have all markings that the new ones have. Had some problems in the start to get the right points to join the tiled pages. I...
  13. DutchRC


  14. A

    Is The Versacopter A Good First Multirotor?

    As Christmas approaches I am thinking of getting a Versacopter for my first multi-rotor and I am curious if this is a good decision. I want a small drone plat form that I can later upgrade, and the versacopter is right in my price range. If the versacopter is a horrible starter multi-rotor...
  15. ChappyEight

    FT Duster Build (First Ever Build)

    Looking forward to getting this build going. The glue gun should be in the mailbox sometime this weekend and I'm going to take some time putting it all together. I actually bought this kit back in November 2013 along with the "Beef" LazerToyz power pack and it's all been sitting in my garage...
  16. nhk750


    So far I have the Bix 3, Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles, Fatshark FSV1207 16:9 960 TVL CMOS Camera (NTSC), and a Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Mode 2 Transmitter with receiver. So far, they are all still in the box as I am amassing the parts over a many month period along with lots of...
  17. G

    Free Universal Motor Protection Cover [Limited to 1 of each size/ 1 per purchase!]

    -18 size applies to motor 18 series -22 size applies to motor 22 series -4pcs Brand New Motor Protection Cover Mount Want a source for high quality, reliable, and reasonable price parts! Click Here Only for a limited time!
  18. X

    looking for plane for a lite 3D fam board plane

    Hi, So I have build a few ft planes now and want to make something they do not have yet. I have this 2805/50 24g Motor (or alternatively a power pack A : MT1806 ) with quite a few 2s 360 mah batteries. With this setup, the motor can apparently generate around 280g of thrust (with a 9*4.7). I...
  19. V

    Revive and Finnish Unknown Plane

    Okay, so a few years back I got an old, old, old... very old for a plane that's never been finnished... 20+ year old plane from a friend of mine who was building it with his daughter but never finished. So for now I'll post pictures of it atm, but I hope to work on it for the weekend to beat all...
  20. I

    SCX-200 Build Blue

    Like and subscribe if you like it If you need any help just ask ;):cool: