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  1. ramarao

    Scalar XL Diy 3d printer build

    This my 3d printer built with 3030 extrusions watch all parts for complete build information
  2. S


    Hello Dear Flite Test Buddies , im new here and im want to share my build of a Bleriot XXVII from 1911 . The Bleriot XXVII was a middle-wing, single-seat racing aircraft designed by Louis Bleriot. These are the stats of the real Bleriot XXVII: General characteristics Crew: 1 Length: 7.50...
  3. Maxx

    FT Simple Cub 60%

    Allo everyone ! I just started to build a mini Simple Cub with the electronics of UMX Radian . I use yellow Adams ready board ( not the water proof ) and since it's yellow on one side only , I glue the yellow paper on the white side . When it's done drying under weight so it doesn't warp , I...
  4. DinosEatPeople1

    13th squadron Mini Zero build thread

    I wanted to build a Mini Zero and someone directed me to the 13th squadron website and I love their plane! I am making this thread as a reference for anyone else who wants to make this plane for there aren’t instructions for the plane. So I will sacrifice my self to help others moving forward. I...
  5. F

    Help! Looking to transition to FPV, have some parts to build a plane. Can you help?

    Hello! I've been flying fixed wing LOS for ~10 years, as well as an FPV tiny whoop for a few month. If I were to go into fixed wing FPV I have parts from an old Apprentice 15 S 15e that could be repurposed (and the wing from it). Otherwise a BNF or a quad kit would be in order. What do you all...
  6. "Corpse"

    The build begins...

    Ok, just ordered a racing frame for my chase/race quad. This will be my first 5 inch build and I don't have that much $ so I'll have to gradually buy parts for it. Here's the frame. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DSCH5MQ/?tag=lstir-20 I like the look of the frame and the fact that it has a...
  7. ItMightFly

    FPV Drone Building Service

    Building a drone can be difficult and challenging. I want to remove that challenge with my service! I provide top of the line service and quality for a very affordable price. ___________ How does it work? The customer will be charged the original price for all components, plus an assembly fee...
  8. S

    Feedback Request! Failed Test flight.

    Hello! I have a team at school that competes in an aero design competition every year. This year our aircraft had some trouble as once it was off the ground it yawed hard and crashed. I would love any feedback as to why the plane reacted as it did. If you have any questions please let me know...
  9. J

    New Fixed Wing Design Project

    I am looking to try my hand at foam board aircraft design so I can fly it over the summer and gain some experience. I have built a few of the FliteTest aircraft in the past so have some experience in building, but have never designed one myself, and am looking for interesting project ideas...
  10. ScottyWarpNine

    FT Micro DHC-2 Beaver Unboxing and Assembly

    I made a quick unboxing and assembly video for the new FT Micro Beaver! It went together way easier than I thought it would. Can't wait for some warmer weather to fly it!
  11. Trains1213_YT

    Hi welcome back to me

    I think it is obvious I haven't been on in months, and i am going to be honest I do not have any excuses I have just been lazy. Besides that the actual point of this was to say that I am doing a school project........... and have decided to build a 12ft. wingspan glider. I have a good thing I...
  12. Dr. Looping Looie

    STAR WARS scratch builds

    Star wars has a ton of cool starship designs that look just great, but if you go into the aerodynamics, most of them have huge flaws that make building scale flying replicas almost impossible. It can be a real challenge to find a good balance between scale and good flight caracteristics. I made...
  13. Mid7night

    Plane XF YELLOW JACKET! v4

    Here it is, in all its slender sleekness: The Yellow Jacket! Designed as a successor to the "Angry Bee" and "Turbo Bee" experiments, in the vein of the FT Super Bee: It's a twin-motor ROCKETSHIP! This is the basic power setup, and you can choose to fly on anything from a 3S to 6S, depending...
  14. MarioGdV

    Piper Cub J-3 Build Log

    Hi! As the title says, I'm going to build my first balsa kit, a 1200mm Piper Cub J3. It's definitely a bad choice for a first kit, since it's from Banggood, but I've read the instructions and I think it doesn't seem that hard. However, I can always ask you for help if I need it (I will). The...
  15. M

    Help! Could you please update parts list on the FT 210 Build Video?

    Hi, I'm student-pilot of real gliders and recently got into hobby of the FPV Drones. I have never build any RC vehicle myself so I immediately fell in love with the Build video of FT 210 due to it's accuracy - ease of build. There is one problem though and that is that the list of parts is no...
  16. IMG_20190220_193729.jpg


    My first scratch build took me 2 days to build its a glider and it works pretty well going to add rudder soon seeing what kind I want if you have any segeshtons i would appreciate it.
  17. Ventus

    Sbach 300 - an attempt at a lightweight build out of heavy 5mm european foam board

    Updates Update #1 - the Wings Update #2 - Fuselage (part 1) | #2a | #2b Original post: I guess the title says it all ;). Here's the concept drawing that I'll be using to design the parts: The Goals While I can fly basic aerobatics, I could use some inexpensive trainer to try to start...
  18. Snarls

    Endurance Quadcopter Build-Off

    This is going to be a fun one. For once, I am not dealing with maximizing acrobatic performance, speed, or camera stability. No, this time it is just that: time. Flight time specifically. My friend challenged me to a build off. Who can get the longest flight time from two 18650b batteries...
  19. MrGreyHornet

    Hello From Glendale, CA- build update

    Hey everyone. I'm new to all of this, just enjoy watching the Youtube channel and was thinking it would be fun to get into the hobby. I obtained an entry roftl copter ( quad copter) from my work and I took it apart, thinking I could use the motors and what not to make a pizza box wing or FTwing...
  20. Stefs Engineering

    Prusa I3 MK3 Full Assembly video's with manual timestamps

    Hey guy's! A couple of weeks ago I recieved my MK3 that I ordered in January. I filmed the complete assembly of the MK3 because I thought you guys (especially those that consider buying it, have yet to recieve theirs or are about to start the build) would like it and perhapse benefit from it...