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  1. RCBuildIdeas

    Anyone interested in a Quarterly Forum Design & Build Challenge?

    I actually posted this question in the " 2018 Flite Test Forum Challenge: WWII Design & Build" thread and thought it might get lost in there so I copied the post out into it's own thread. Here it is: I was just curious, what do other forum members think of the idea of adding quarterly design &...
  2. G

    Flite test plans decryption!

    Hi guys. I want to be brief as it's 3.30 am over here in the UK. And I'm having that kind of early morning thought. Planning. I have two questions (so far!) About the plans that Flite Test offer. My first: What is the sheet and tile key for? The second: is the CG measurement (in the case...
  3. K

    FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -King Kwad
  4. Aretaic

    42" Savoia/Macchi "P.R. S.21"

    So I harbor a love of seaplanes, particularly the Italian racing seaplanes that frequented the Schneider Trophy races. I also enjoy fictional planes in film and animation (ex. the Sea Duck, I wanted this plane as a kid!). Long before getting into RC in a meaningful way, I wanted to at least...
  5. C

    Tiny Trainer build question

    Hi All! This is my first time posting here, though I've been lurking around for a few weeks trying to build up the courage to actually build something. After a fair bit of research, I've decided I want to give the Tiny Trainer a shot. It seems straightforward and like it would be a good first...
  6. TJ@FT

    Flite Test starts doing custom quad builds

    Just wanted to share out an awesome thing I'm pretty excited about. We've (Ian and myself) built a couple hundred quads for people over the last year but it is finally official and much easier to get things rolling. Entire goal is to just let people know the service is available. Kicking off...
  7. J

    I need help finding a Flight Controller

    Hi, guys! im new to the flight test forums (although not new to forums in general) but i hear that this is the place to be. I need help finding a flight controller that is compatible with a drone design i am looking to build. Actually, any suggestions would be great, i had a versa-copter but i...
  8. R

    Graupner GR-16L for Race Quad Build?

    Greetings, I am a newbie starting to get into race quads and am trying to start my first build. I was interested in building the new Flite Test Gremlin as it looked like the perfect starter kit for me. My problem is I have the Graupner MZ-12 transmitter and GR-16L receiver combo and I am on a...
  9. ItMightFly

    18mm EDF Plans

    Hello! So I have an 18mm EDF, that's taking up space (not much, but its in the way of other builds). I have tried multiple designs (9 to be exact), all failed. It came from a crashed UMX Habu (the original, not the new one), due to a radio failure. Do any of you have some kind of plan that I...
  10. colorex

    Le Drib / Drew Camden How To and Parts List

    How to build a Le Drib Edition Freestyle Quad! Build Tutorials: Drew Camden's Build Video: BetaFlight Board Setup: Parts List: Frame: MQC Fusion (super tough frame, flies well and takes a beating) FC + PDB: DYS F4 Flight Controller (Awesome piece of kit, comes with XT60, OSD...
  11. F

    Gremlin Noob having trouble arming the motors. Day 4 :(

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to multi rotors. I have flown a eachine 010. Built the Gremlin following TJ's video. Here is the current state. I can get Betaflight to see and flash spracingf3evo one day to figure out how to get into DFU mode, whatever that means. I was also able to get my rx...
  12. A

    Recommandations for a n00b

    Hi, guys! Big fan here. I'm a n00bie when it comes to flying rc model aircrafts. My limited experience it's with a second-hand quadcopter which I've bought last year from a rc-flohmarkt in Germany(I'm from Romania,btw). Last time when I've tried to fly my quad it was all good, but the big...
  13. T

    Adjusting throws of new FT Explorer build

    I just finished building an FT Explorer that I got for Christmas. Its my first build. When I finished and was checking the throws using the piece of foamboard from the speed-build kit, I noticed that it doesn't look like the tail goes up high enough. I've adjusted the travel end point on my...
  14. S

    Bloody Wonder vs Bloody Wonder MKIII?

    What, exactly, are the differences between these two models? Can the BW build video still be used to build the BW MKIII? Which is the better plane in your opinion? Thanks!
  15. N

    Need some help regarding max weights for take off with high kv motor

    My self Nikhil Rathore and recently i made one new plane that is looking slightly similarly to ft explorer but it has a wooden wing spar and i use a different kind of foam board and together all electronics it is weighting approx 2 kg and the motor i am using is NTM Propdrive 2836 3000kv with...
  16. S

    FT Mini Arrow efficiency build

    WOW!! Totally blown away with some of these Arrow designs and just the forum community in general. I now have another question to ask. I have decided on my second plane, and would like to get a general idea for what to shop around for. I'd really enjoy an Arrow with some zip but also efficiency...
  17. NathanielF87

    New here! Will these quadcopter parts work together?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this question isn't too much for my first post :) Over the last few weeks I've been learning as much as I can about mini race quads, and want to get one. Before I start ordering parts though, I thought it would be a good idea to ask if there is any problem with these parts...
  18. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input?

    Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking the initiative to grow and expand what I...
  19. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an Inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking...
  20. D

    New Plebe Reporting for Duty

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for such a great resource. I've been into quads for a couple of years...started out with the toy ones (Syma X1 and Hubsan X4). Got pretty comfortable flying those and decided last year to build my first quad. After collecting parts for awhile, I finally...