1. Pieliker96

    Plane DHC-4 Caribou v1.0

    The DHC-4 Caribou uses Twin C pack and a 3000 4s. It features retracts with landing gear doors, slotted flaperons, double-slotted main flaps, and actuating upper and lower cargo bay doors. It uses 13 sheets of DTFB, 1 sheet of cardstock or posterboard, and 2 sheets of 1'x2'x1/8" plywood, among...
  2. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM - Luscombe Silvaire 1.0

    INSPIRATION I was asked to try my hand at designing the Luscombe Silvaire from a forum friend, @kilroy07 . He explained how he loved and hated this plane. He loved it for the memories he has with his father in it (see below), but he hated the elbow grease required to shine this beaut' up...
  3. FoamyDM

    Plane Remington Burnelli 2 (RB-2) "Flying Camper" by FoamyDM 1.0

    The Remington Burnelli 2- "Flying Camper" Bring the piece of history to life and watch it float through the air. HISTORY In the 1920's this early airliner design was used as a mobile car showroom! Now you can build one of your own. Like all biplanes of the post WWI era, this balance is short...
  4. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Luscombe Silvaire by FoamyDM and Kilroy07

    ...Because Every Cloud should have Silvaire Lining... Kilroy07 has been a sucker for a challenge for a long while now. He joined my First Forum Challenge -Build-ruary. it's a madcap attempt build 4 planes in February. It's just stupid, fun, and you should try it this year! Since those early...
  5. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM - Burgess-Dunne Flying Wing 1.0

    YOU NEED TO BUILD THIS FLYING WING: This project is a Great Flyer, Quick Build and only 2 sheet! This Project was inspired by the '20 Flite Test Forum Challenge (FTFC20). Since I have seen the model on Fidder's green, I thought the Burgess-Dunne Flying wing from 1914 is a perfect candidate for...
  6. Horseman3381

    Plane Don Karnage's Tri-plane 2.1

    These are the plans for Don Karnage's Tri-plane from Disney's Tailspin. My entry into FTFC2019 Challenge. Specs: 1’-10” wingspan 5” diameter fuselage with a 1’-8 ½” overall plane length. Construction Materials: 4 sheets of foamboard 3 paint sticks 12+ bbq skewers FT Firewall 9 FT mighty...
  7. Pigfarm1403

    Low-wing Python scratchbuild

    -Inspiration So after finally sorting through all of my stuff from flitefest ohio I was inspired by the clean workspace and organized parts to design my first plane. I have a couple of year of building and I have done a variety of giant builds but I would hardly call those "designs". Some of...
  8. SP0NZ

    Plane XF Bloody Brit 1.0

    The XF Bloody Brit is a 3 or 4 channel foam board model aircraft designed for streamer or full-contact combat. It also makes a great all around park/sport flyer. It can be powered with either the Flite Test B or C Power Packs.