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  1. A

    Tri Copter inspired by RC Explorer

    Hi All I'm quite a fan of David's Tri-copters, but unfortunately because of the exchange rate, not all is always as easy/affordable as it is suppose to be. Lucky for me I do have some CAD skills and there is always someone some where with skills and materials. So looking at whats available...
  2. S

    FT Explorer, CAD, Ideas for expansion, etc...

    Hey everyone, I'm posting mainly about some of my adventures with the FT explorer and some stuff that I am doing/want to do, that y'all may find useful. I've been somewhat enamored with RC flight for a little while now and recently got off the ground with an FT explorer that I decided to build...
  3. S

    FT Mini Arrow v1.1 (expanded bay)

    Bay expanded by 8mm in width, if you have any questions please post below. PDF Files Attached, .dwg and .skp will be hosted externally links to follow.
  4. mungral

    Easy converting FT swappable free plans to CAD

    I was just reading Mike Robey "a flite test inspired Hurricane" article http://flitetest.com/articles/a-flitetest-inspired-hurricane in his article he said that he traced over the FT plan with his CAD software to make a DXF file. while tracing works, it's slow and you can make errors. the...
  5. flyingdreamz

    FT Versa Wing Pusher CAD Files

    I created these files in order to cut out some combat Versas on a CNC cutting tool. I did change the design a little, like full span spars, new wing tips, and removal of the swappable pod. Please do not distribute. Only for personal use. Design rights remain with Josh Bixler and Flite Test.
  6. S

    From PDF to Laser Cutter

    I have my own laser cutter and I have found some software that can convert the pdfs into vector images but it's never easy to get the designs sized right and everything. Anyone have any experience doing this with some good ideas? My current set up aidecad trial version - converts pdfs to...