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  1. CthulhuJon

    Gluing tissue to various surfaces...

    I'm designing & building my 3rd model with tissue covering. The first two tissue models were mostly balsa, with some small areas of ply or bamboo. So all wood, and I glued the tissue down with a glue stick and elmers, which worked great. My current model's leading edge is a 2mm carbon rod...
  2. alejo048814


  3. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    On the first layer i did a couple days ago i 77'd the inside of the cloth. It sticks really well, actually let me wrap the fiberglass around the edges, so th...
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  9. Merck

    Flaperons and over driving a motor

    Information 1: I custom built a carbon fiber bodied, foamboard wing plane and it flys fast...because it is so heavy. Not a big deal except on landings. So I tried dialing in some flaperons and it gets really squirelly. I am using a Spektrum dx9 and setup flaperons. It is a pretty short...
  10. K

    Carbon bush plane design and build

    Hey guys! Currently working on the design for a carbon fibre build. I love super cubs and bush planes, so its going to based around a cub. But not exactly scale. I'm looking to go full on STOL custom design. Going to be spending most of the time working in CAD until the design is finalized...
  11. Snarls

    Cutting Carbon Fiber Without a Mill

    Hey guys, what is the best way to cut carbon fiber without a mill? I want to cut a small section from the top of my ZMR250 frame to better accommodate the camera angle. What I have at my disposal is a power drill, coping/hack saw, scroll saw, some files and a Dremel. I'm thinking maybe to drill...
  12. D

    Gas engine RC plane

    Hi guys, i'am young engineer from Lithuania. I'm trying to build carbon frame plane with two cameras one in the front and one 360 camera under it controlled remotely from ground station. Currently i'm looking for some resource how to build plane with gas engine. I know how to build with...

    3D Printed 250 Racer Build Log

    I was recently inspired by mpbiv's build and ImmersionRC's new Vortex and decided to design another quad. As you can see, the design is heavily influenced by the ImmersionRC Vortex. You may also notice it's far from finished. At this point in the project I would like to do something a little...