1. Supe

    Howdy howdy!

    Hello there. Name is John. Nickname is Supe. I'm a fellow RC pilot from Alabama. I work at Homewood Toy and Hobby in the Birmingham area as the resident RC car tech. Not too much to say about me, really. I'm a friendly guy with a servant's attitude who loves RC and anything that flies. Except...
  2. C

    Hello all from Texas! CRC Cruzing Rc Productions

    Hello from Texas Not very much Rc going on here but im going to change that check out my channel still up and coming but growing ever so gradually Huge fan of Flite Test like many others cant wait to get my first build gong. Please take a quick view on my Video if you like Thank you all. :D...
  3. W

    CHALLENGE: Build a plane using a car motor

    Get any materials you need, then build a plane with a car motor and somehow connect a plane esc to the motor. I'm sure this would be amazingly fast.
  4. D

    Promotional Aerial Video for Car Dealership

    Hope this doesn't draw up any issues in regards to safety, there was much planning and safety precautions taken prior to filming, also insurance. This was early in the morning before customers started arriving. This was one of my early videos prior to purchasing a gimbal. :D
  5. B

    How about merging RC cars with aircraft? Flying car?

    Maybe you guys can take on a challenge to build a flying rc car or truck (attaching wings to off the shelf rc vehicles). Also, maybe you can even use a fast truck like a brushless revo to launch a glider. This is some thing I haven't seen before.
  6. Airwolf

    A videoclip from my american muscle car event

    It's not really about RC models, but some of you may like it (it features some aerial sequences too as friends of mine had quadro and hexacopter flying with GoPros over the place). Event is called Amateur American Car Racing (AACR - AWSA is the Polish acronym) and it was the fourth edition...