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  1. PlanesAndThings

    The Most Offtopic Thread Ever in the History of Offtopic Threads

    A very offtopic thread filled with offtopic messages that are very nice very nice offtopic blah post whatever cause offtopic let off steam chill be nice post plans! RULES OF DA THREAD: 1. be happy 2. chill 3. do whatever you want 4. rule 5 5. rule 4 6. ? :) ;) :( :mad: :confused: :cool: :p :D...
  2. ItMightFly

    Guinea Pigs

    So, I have an idea... Seeing the pun jet inside the Guinea Pig got me thinking. I thought it would be cool to see the Giant Guinea Pig, with a folding wing Guinea Pig inside, and inside the (regular sized) Guinea Pig would be a Pun Jet. When all dropped, all three would have their own rockets on...
  3. A

    Variable airfoil wing.

    Challenge: 1. Try to make an aircraft with wings that you can change the airfoil of in flight. 2. See if you can remove the ailerons and instead change one wings airfoil at a time for roll. 3. See if you can essentially flip over the airfoil in flight and get lift while flying inverted. Extra...
  4. A

    Pylon racing with extras.

    Challengenge: 1. Set up a pylon racing course of a reasonable size (more than two pylons.) 2. Measure out about 5-6 feet of streamer. 3. Cut the streamer down the middle (so its half as wide.) 4. Attach one half streamer to the back of any ultra micro of your choosing. 5. Attach the other half...
  5. G

    Flite Fest Speed challenge

    I think it would be really fun to have a speed challenge at Flite Fest. The way it could work would be to have someone clocking the speeds with a radar gun and each opponent would have three tries to reach the fastest speed they could. The person who clocks the fastest speed is the winner.
  6. W

    CHALLENGE: Build a flying platform and launch a plane

    Attach multiple rotors to any surface to create a large flying platform. Build a release system and launch a small plane from the platform. Bonus points for cool extras like floating, cameras, heli pad, and a rubber band to assist launching the plane.
  7. W

    CHALLENGE: Make a car fly

    Get any hobby-grade RC car, and without removing anything on the car, find a way to make it fly by taking off on the wheels. The car must be fully functional, the plane able to climb to 10 feet, and no copters allowed.
  8. W

    CHALLENGE: Build a plane using a car motor

    Get any materials you need, then build a plane with a car motor and somehow connect a plane esc to the motor. I'm sure this would be amazingly fast.
  9. W

    Great Show Ideas

    Hey Flite Test Crew, I am a new RC hobbyist and fan of your videos. I have some ideas for videos I would like to see. This Christmas, I am asking for a quad and am looking at the Blade 180 QX RTF. When looking for an RC product, I always look to Flite Test, but you haven't reviewd the copter...
  10. Hamdhan

    Some Challenges and other suggestions

    - Have an EDF jet race. Maybe Josh Bixler and Chad or David - Deliver a birthday gift to a friend on a quadcopter/tricopter - Review an EDF from HobbyKing perhaps and maybe put it on a plane and blast away! - Scratch build a plane and take it as high as possible and get photos from...up there of...
  11. B

    New Ideas

    Here would be a good place to add ideas for flitetest challenges! if you have a good idea for a challenge and think that flitetest might like it, or ideas for other people to try then post them here. They can be simple and fun to do for the average flyer or they can be complicated and...