Flite Fest Speed challenge

I think it would be really fun to have a speed challenge at Flite Fest. The way it could work would be to have someone clocking the speeds with a radar gun and each opponent would have three tries to reach the fastest speed they could. The person who clocks the fastest speed is the winner.
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The only ever fly in event ive been too was Flite Fest 2014, but to me, having a speed challange next to a crowd like that seems kinda sketchy. It would be fun to watch though.


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That does sound like fun. I know a few members of the forum have some crazy fast planes. nerdnic has created some beautiful speed wing airfoils.

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Sounds like a awsome idea to me. But there being so many people out there. And how fast we can get these birds to go. I would be worried about safety for others to. Im very skilled at flying fast. But i have also seen unexpected things happen. And they fall in a hurry with no control. So if there was a safe way to do it then it for sure would be a fun event


Or what about other challenge event types? Was going to start a new thread about it but what about Limbo, Balloon Pops, Flour-bomb Drops, Water-balloon Drop, Hula-hoop spot landings, Uncontrolled-parachute target drops, etc.

I know it all takes more organizing and breaking up other routines or open flying times, but some of those types of things could be fun and fit into the structure of the overall event.

Just thought I would toss it out there as an alternative to just a speed challenge.