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So, I have an idea... Seeing the pun jet inside the Guinea Pig got me thinking. I thought it would be cool to see the Giant Guinea Pig, with a folding wing Guinea Pig inside, and inside the (regular sized) Guinea Pig would be a Pun Jet. When all dropped, all three would have their own rockets on the back, and launch at the same time. Maybe that would be a bit crazy, but you guys have done some crazy stuff.

It would also be cool to see a Guinea flight, with maybe two giant Guineas in formation with the FT-22 s escorting them across the sky. I don't know, just some ideas, I think i'm a but crazy for Guinea Pigs...


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Reminds me of those dolls that stack together, and I totally want to see this, or something similar. Imagine FPV for each plane, watching the G-load as each launch platform takes flight, before the last door opens.