1. S

    Range problem after installing Spironet Cloverleaf for FPV

    Hi. I have a problem with my new fatshark cloverleaf antenna. It just arrived yesterday and I immediatly fitted it and went for a fly. I could see right away that the quality of the picture was way better than the stock antenna. When I was just 150-200 meters out, and still with a solid picture...
  2. A

    Cloverleaf Antenna size

    Hi all :) As my first thread in the forum (probably in the wrong place too...and there is probably already an answer to my question), I want to ask about Cloverleaf Antenna's. Now I understand why to use Cloverleafs, clockwise and anti-clockwise builds, but I want to really ask about size...
  3. StoneKap

    Cloverleaf Antenna Jig - With CAD Files

    Cloverleaf antennas are hard to build! So yesterday I drew up a design for a jig. Today I cut it out of 1/8" plywood on my new laser cutter and built two antennas. It worked perfectly!! I thought some others might want the vector files...