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Cloverleaf Antenna Jig - With CAD Files


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Cloverleaf antennas are hard to build!

So yesterday I drew up a design for a jig. Today I cut it out of 1/8" plywood on my new laser cutter and built two antennas. It worked perfectly!!

I thought some others might want the vector files...

Make sure the plywood you use is exactly 1/8"

View attachment 3552
Chad -- that is a great idea!! Especially for 1.2-1.3... when they get small, like for 5.8, a jig may get tricky. Really nice :)
Sweet - make jigs for 900, 1.2/1.3 (1280) 2.4 and 5.8 as kits and sell in the FliteTest shop with a laser engraved alien on ;)

I hard solder MIG wire for antennas - works great - when hard soldered they do not break apart when you add heat to solder the antenna cable as it requires much lower temp.

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