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Cloverleaf Antenna size

Hi all :)

As my first thread in the forum (probably in the wrong place too...and there is probably already an answer to my question), I want to ask about Cloverleaf Antenna's.

Now I understand why to use Cloverleafs, clockwise and anti-clockwise builds, but I want to really ask about size...

With normal antennas, the bigger they are and the more voltage going to them will increase the range? Well that's my understanding..
So my question is: does the size of a Cloverleaf Antenna increase or effect efficiency and range?

I'm hoping that the bigger they are, the better the signal and distance, but I'm asking because I don't know and I need expert help ;)

Hey Alex,

Although I am by far not an expert on this, it is my understanding that the size of the antenna is directly related
to the frequency that you want it to operate at.
The cloverleaf antennas used in FPV are tuned antennas, which means that their dimensions are multiples of wave length designed specifically for the frequency they operate at.
Wave length becomes smaller the higher the frequency. Which means that higher frequency antennas are smaller than lower frequency antennas.

This is why a 5.8GHz cloverleaf is tiny and can fit on top of Fatsharks, compared to a 900MHz cloverleaf, which is as big
as a tissue paper box.
How lower the frequency how bigger the antenna. This applies to all antennas! 5.8GHz is a really high frequency thus a small antenna. 900MHz and 1.2 GHz are pretty low frequencies thus bigger antenans :)