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Range problem after installing Spironet Cloverleaf for FPV

I have a problem with my new fatshark cloverleaf antenna. It just arrived yesterday and I immediatly fitted it and went for a fly. I could see right away that the quality of the picture was way better than the stock antenna. When I was just 150-200 meters out, and still with a solid picture my radio lost contact with my DJI Phantom. I had never had that happened, and I usually flown around 500-600 meters aways easily. Thsnk godness for Return to home, no harm done..

I changed the battery in my transmitter to new ones just in case. Flew out in another direction, and again same thing happened. less than 200 meters out I lost connection, but still having awesome picture in the goggles.

I then changed back to the stock antenna on the Fatshark Tx on the Phantom, still having the cloverleaf on the goggles, and went for a nother flight.... This time I had no problems, and was way beoynd visual range.... 500 meters I think, and then the picture started to faint as it use to do with the stock antenna, but I still have control...

Anyone experienced this. I watch about every video on youtube, and theese antennas seemed to be the natural "next step" upgrade to the stock setup, but havent seen any video s with warning about interference with the flight transmition..

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