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  1. G

    FT Tiny Trainer Center of Gravity

    This week I received my Tiny Trainer Get Started Package, and I just finished assembling it in the three channel configuration. After putting all of the electronics in, I found that the plane was very nose-heavy, so much so that I had to put the battery at the very back of the velcro strip to...
  2. J

    FT Flyer weight/cg issues

    Hello all, I recently completed my first FT Flyer, maidened it, and have already gone through 8 props and many many crashes. I apparently built her ok because she's still alright aside from some scuffed corners. I simply have not been able to get this plane to fly correctly. I am a first time...
  3. D

    FT Spitfire CoG - Centre of Gravity

    Anyone got a spec for CoG/ Centre of Gravity on the FT Spit? I could not find one on the plan. Did maiden it with a 2200 stock but she kinda flew like a ski jumper. Suspect coz in uk we have to use 5mm she is tail heavy as there is 20% more weight. Interested to know what stock CoG is tho so I...
  4. Freeshot74

    Where to place flight control

    Hello! I'm working on developing my third multicopter. The first was a classic X configuration. The second was an H-configuration. Both flew very well but had shortcomings when it comes to flying with camera and other things. Now I have come to the conclusion that I should build one with the...
  5. L

    Constantly Changing Trim

    I am having an issue where the tricopter drifts in one direction. I trim that out and it flies ok for about 5 secs. Then it will start to drift again that direction. Again trim it out and the same happens. Until full trim is reached. Also, it will be one direction one time a different direction...
  6. E

    Tuning, Levelling, Balancing - Getting it Airborne (Tricopter)

    Good day friends, I've completed the V2.6HV by David, and its to the point where Im trying to get it airborne. I can hover, somewhat, but so far the drift is far too crazy for me to be able to fly it properly. My most recent sessions resulted in two broken Rotor Bone motor mounts, and a lot of...