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FT Tiny Trainer Center of Gravity

This week I received my Tiny Trainer Get Started Package, and I just finished assembling it in the three channel configuration. After putting all of the electronics in, I found that the plane was very nose-heavy, so much so that I had to put the battery at the very back of the velcro strip to get it almost balanced. I'm looking for tips on ways to add a bit of weight to the tail so that I have room for finer adjustments up front. As it's my first plane I want to make sure I have it set up for the best learning experience :D


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Hmm, I had no issue with mine. I use a 800mah 3s and have it pushed all the way up front, along with a voltage alarm right behind it. Balances perfect with no extra weight. But, as long as your build went good and you are checking CG at correct spot, about 1/3 of the way back on the wing, and it's still tail heavy, hotglue some weight on the tail. You can get some lead fishing weights, flatten out with a hammer (warning, this is fun) and glue on tail till you get CG close enough.