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custom build

  1. L

    Does anyone know the design process that FliteTest goes through for new planes?

    I am in the process of making some custom designs using a mix of CorelDRAW, Sketchup, and Fusion 360 however, I was curious if anyone knew what Flitetest uses? I'm not necessarily interested in copying their methods but I would be curious to see how they approach taking a 3d design into a 2d...
  2. B1FF7FBA-6207-4FF1-B959-7E464678322D.jpeg


    A-10 warthog
  3. Power_Broker

    Arduino Scratch Build - "Screamin' Seagull II"

    Welcome to my build log for my next Arduino controlled RC scratch built airplane! Much of this project is going to be based off of work (especially in terms of software) found in my previous build log here. After my *very* successful test flight with my last Arduino plane, I've decided to...
  4. M

    Scratch build

    HI, IM new to the forum although i have been following FliteTest Since David where around. During my last year of education i started building an RC-plane i called O-gripen. Now im modelling O-gripen 2.0 sicne the first one crashed as fast as it could, but that is another story. I would like to...