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  1. M

    RcExplorer Quadrone

    Does anybody have or know of plans for the quadrone made by David Windestal at RcExplorer? I want to make one for a naza system I'll hopefully get for Christmas. Cheers, Malik
  2. P

    Rocket challenge!

    Hey guys =D As we all know, David Windestål loves planes, and he has an affinity to bring things to the edge until nothing is left. It has been so with the rocketplane he destroyed with a f-rocket he glued into this. Today I've seen a Video about selfmade candyrockets, and I assume that this...
  3. S

    Hosts & content

    Hi Flitetest, Been watching the show for over 2 years now and absolubtly love it! Just wanted to say that Josh, Josh & David are excellent personalities to present the show. However, as you can't have David anymore, please can we have more Josh and Josh? If Josh Scott is too busy with other...
  4. D

    David's Tricopter problem

    Hello, so i've built davids tricopter 2.65, but with a 3s battery(2800mah,30c). The problem is, when I arm my tricopter I need to apply ~3/4 of throttle to get in even moving from the ground, but when it lifts (~1cm) it just goes forward and to the left and almost flips, without me touching...
  5. R

    Our Favorite Swede

    Any chance of funding David to do some shorts or FVP flights? I know he isn't in the States and does't have access to StoneCap equipment, but Sweden must have comparable production companies that would be interested in working with Flite Test. He is a fun and knowledgeable host and FliteTest...
  6. S

    Viggen - In honor of our dearly departing swede

    So this is my first scratch built EDF, and I wanted something special. When I Googled viggen and looked through the pictures I found exactly what I was looking for... I hope I did it justice... While I have build several of the FT planes (as well as others) this one has been quite an...
  7. A

    Scratch build suggestion- FT DLG

    Ever since the DLG video that you guys have made, I have grown a real interest in DLG but i don't have the money to buy one. I would love to see you guys design a supper cool (As always) DLG that has a 950mm wingspan with supper small airfoils and that is durable. Post your idea's below guys!
  8. D


    Hello everyone, Brand new member. Hooked on watching all the videos. Now I had a crazy idea. After watching the crazy video with David and his rocket plane, I was thinking, what if those rocket motors could be used as missiles. Have them hanging under the wing an some sort of slide so it can fly...
  9. G

    David's Viggen scaled up 129%

    I just started the build today on the Viggen! It uses the same plans as David's but is scaled up to fit a 90mm edf unit. Not sure whether I want to put retracts on it or not. It will be powered by 12 blade alloy ducted fan unit from hk and will use a 7s, not sure on capacity yet. Will be...
  10. StoneKap

    Cutting Foam! - Chad and David

    FAST TIP! Here is a little bonus video for you scratch builders...