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Hi Flitetest, Been watching the show for over 2 years now and absolubtly love it!

Just wanted to say that Josh, Josh & David are excellent personalities to present the show. However, as you can't have David anymore, please can we have more Josh and Josh? If Josh Scott is too busy with other stuff, can you find a new personality to accompany Josh Bixler please?

Please also can you get back to more plane content. I like quads and FPV but my passion is line of site planes and this used to feature much more heavily than it does now. I really miss that stuff!

Anyway, wishing you much continued success,


PS: Long live Josh Bixler's passion and personality!!!


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Just wait a few minutes. A new plane is going to be released =)

They have a new crewmember called Peter, but he is still a little camera shy just as David was in the beginning ;)