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Rocket challenge!

Hey guys =D

As we all know, David Windestål loves planes, and he has an affinity to bring things to the edge until nothing is left. It has been so with the rocketplane he destroyed with a f-rocket he glued into this. Today I've seen a Video about selfmade candyrockets, and I assume that this could be the right thing for David.
I am not sure, but if he increses the diameter and decreases the length, he should be able to get less thrust by getting a longer burntime. So his dream of a fast and long flying rocketplane might come true =D

I don't know about the local laws of you and be aware of the danger of rockets! Use your common sense (which you actually can't have if you are going to build this ;)) and do this on your own risk!

Here the Video:

Greetings from germany =D


P.S: If the rocket burns longer, PVC might be the wrong way to go, maybe you have a better idea for a housing.