dawn patrol

  1. Matagami Designs

    FF22 Dawn Patrol Nieuport 28

    Got the CAD finished and parts have been cut on the timesav. Started on the fuselage internals and so far so good. Have the skins rolled and taped to help keep their form for gluing later in the future.
  2. FoamyDM

    1:8.67 Scale Handley Page O-400 - Flite Fest 2022 Dawn Patrol Challenge

    I have been looking at the Handley Page O-400 Which was a 1916 Bomber with a 100ft wing span. At 1:6 scale... the wingspan would be 16ft. Fuse will be 10ft long, and a 16ft wingspan. Making it difficult to transport/Build. After confirming a smaller scale would work for the challenge. History...
  3. JakeTheSloth

    1:6 scale Fokker D.VI & Aviatik Berg D.I "Dawn Patrol" challenge

    Hello everyone I just want to share the plans I made off a paper model for said Fokker and Aviatik Berg. The fokker is already in 1:6 scale for Dawn Patrol requirements, with my "instructions" written on plans, it's not a build for someone new but it's rather simple and fit is pretty good. The...
  4. NerdyKid

    FF22 “Dawn patrol” challenge Ilya Muromets

    I’m currently working on a Sikorsky s23 ”Ilya Muromets“ for the dawn patrol challenge. It will be 1:12 scale (still BIG), and I’ll try to make it look as scale as possible, but no promise. This is also the first plane I’m designing so advice is welcome. so far I’ve made the main box for the...
  5. The Fopster

    FliteFest 2022 Dawn Patrol - Sopwith Pup

    Right - here goes nothing. My first WW1 plane, first biplane, biggest plane, basically it’s all new. This will be a scratch build from balsa plans, scaled up 147% to make the plane 1/6th scale to fit the Dawn Patrol guidelines. First - why a Sopwith Pup? A few things made me pick this one...