1:6 scale Fokker D.VI & Aviatik Berg D.I "Dawn Patrol" challenge


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Hello everyone
I just want to share the plans I made off a paper model for said Fokker and Aviatik Berg. The fokker is already in 1:6 scale for Dawn Patrol requirements, with my "instructions" written on plans, it's not a build for someone new but it's rather simple and fit is pretty good. The cowling is just under 8' in diameter so I recommend a motor that'll swing at least 10' prop (I'd say 12'+ prop as I'm using 10' prop in 80cm WS version). Recommended ESC - idk, whatever will work with your motor. Battery - something that'll balance right. Bigger battery is better than small battery + lead ;) As for servo's I think these cheap metal gear MG90 rebrands will work just fine. The model is completely scale, and even though the rudder looks a bit small the plane is perfectly stable. Ailerons only on top wing, but they give more roll authority than necessary. If you've got any questions feel free to ask them, I've got some build pics and the model does require some tinkering to get everything going - the most mindbreaking part for me was the landing gear, but I figured a cool way to do it using icecream sticks as support for wire and small zipties to hold everything in place.
As for the Aviatik Berg - I'll attach SVG file here (can be opened in inkscape). You'll need to upscale it to any desirable size since it's 1:50 (really tiny, would fit on palm of your hand no problem). All parts are designed for paper, so after scaling up you'll need to make bulkheads and some parts smaller by foam thickness on margins. I can make a poll here and if you guys pick a size I can modify the plans for you. I've made a fuse for this plane in 80cm WS version and everything fits fine, but I went ahead for different model after I figured I don't have correct motor for it :/ Here are couple pics of Fokker and the fuselage of Aviatik Berg. Go build it! I want to see it on FF22 recap :D


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