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  1. M

    Naze32 Spider (deadcat) configuration

    Hi Everyone, I wouldn't consider myself a noob with multi's but I am a noob as far as building my own and programming the flight board, which is where my question comes from I have looked around on the forums for a little bit trying to find anyone that has set up a naze32 board for a deadcat...
  2. D


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TYpXm5DpNU&feature=youtu.be I built this quad about a month ago and I have not been able to fly it. The problem seems to be with motor number one. When I try to take off, the quad moves forward rapidly and uncontrollably instead of staying level. I have done...
  3. FlyingMaddLadd

    SK450 Deadcat FPV - Filming TBS Wing

    Hello, I bought a sk450 deadcat a few months ago and a while after that i got FPV setup on it. I have only recently began to fly FPV and i have made my first video while using the mobius to record at the same time as giving me live feed. I'd like to share this video with you all and would love...
  4. Snarls

    Deadcat Frame Angles

    Hi all, when I return from college in December I am hoping to build a deadcat style quad frame. I have experience with the classic X-configuration, but now I want more space for my camera gimbal mounted out front. My question is: what are the angles between the arms on a deadcat style frame. I...
  5. H

    Cold lake

    I'm a resident of Grand centre (Cold lake south) Been watching flite test for six months, big fan of what they do. And decided to take the plunge with both feet, and built a custom "Dead cat X-quad" I'm waiting on some servo leads from HK, And looking forward to the maiden flight. Part list...
  6. T

    F450 Flamewheel/TBS Discovery carbon fibre arms

    Hi everyone, please forgive me as this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum. I thought it only right that it should be at such a great site like Flitetests. Anyway, to get on to the topic, I have built my mulitrotor, it's been tried and tested for several months and is working great...