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I'm a resident of Grand centre (Cold lake south)

Been watching flite test for six months, big fan of what they do.

And decided to take the plunge with both feet, and built a
custom "Dead cat X-quad"

I'm waiting on some servo leads from HK,
And looking forward to the maiden flight.

Part list:
- Motor: Turnigy Multistar 2209-980KV
- ESC: H.K. 20A Blue Series
- Pops: 8x4.5
- battery: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C lipo
- Frame : F.T. Electro hub kit
- flight controller: KK 2.1.5
- Extras : low voltage alarm

If you have any comments or questions,
Let me know.
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Are you new to rc or just new to quads. I have always done fixed wing and a bit of coaxial heli and I am interested in what the transition to a tri would be like. Let me know how your flights go and good luck.

A former resident of Cold Lake North 1998-2001.


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I'm new to both.
I would like to get into fixed wing flying, so far with my experience is as long as you understand the orientation and what stick does what to a heli you would do fine with a tri-copter.

my maiden of the quad was a learning experience for sure, after i lifted it 30' off the ground and the wind carried it into a tree.
thankfully it survived with only two broken props.

Where did you move to, from cold lake?


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Practice practice practice. I have broken more props than I can count and thankfully only a 1/2 dozen airframes or so. Realflight 4.5 tells me I have crashed 57000, yes thousand, bucks worth of pixels so lets have a big round of applause for sims. If the new sims don't have tri's and quads in them, they should.

I left Cold Lake for Kingston On, not my choice as you might imagine. Since then I have lived in Edmonton, Colorado Springs and now Moose Jaw.

Build fly crash repeat.