1. N

    Need help with airfoil dimension.

    I am currently designing a RC plane in SOLIDWORKS . Airfoil = s1223 Chord = 140mm wing span= 1 m I got coordinates of an airfoil from "http://airfoiltools.com" by putting chord length (140mm) only. But after importing the coordinates to Solidworks and making dimensions, I was surprised because...
  2. S

    Firewall Dimensions - FT Cruiser Power Pod

    Hi, I'm preparing to build my first plane. I have chosen the FT Cruiser and have searched the forum but can't seem to find the dimensions for the firewall. I can start to build the Power Pods which will allow me to determine the width, but what is the height? In the video it looks like it...
  3. M

    May I get its Dimensions (MF Raptor V2)

    How much Depron sheets (30x20") of 3mm will be required the this mission. As well as the Fastest power system for this dimensions.
  4. Raptortech

    Optimizing flying wing design

    My question is fairly simple: how does one decide on the ideal dimensions and ratios for a flying wing given the target cruising speed and payload or other relevant flight characteristics. For a more conventional aircraft, I feel like I have a fairly good intuition as far as changing the wing...
  5. B

    Are there any dimensioned plans for FT Planes?

    Hi, I'm new to building and flying R/C and have had some wonderful disappointments (crashes). The FT plans are great and I really appreciate the fact they are free to download, in full and tiled (this helps a lot since I have retired I no longer have access to my large format plotter, man I miss...