Firewall Dimensions - FT Cruiser Power Pod


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I'm preparing to build my first plane. I have chosen the FT Cruiser and have searched the forum but can't seem to find the dimensions for the firewall. I can start to build the Power Pods which will allow me to determine the width, but what is the height? In the video it looks like it extends one layer of foam higher than the sides, so the top of the firewall overlaps the power pod spacers put inside the nacelle. Might be helpful for newbies like me to have the info added to the plan drawings. Also, what is size, location, and purpose of the two holes drilled at the top of the firewall?


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The FT Flyer plans have the firewall on them, as do many other plans. FT Cruiser doesn't for some reason. Firewall is 2" wide by 1-3/4" High cut from 1/16" plywood. You're right that it is one foam thickness taller than the sides. The small holes are 1/2" from center..
Y'know what, here's a dimensioned drawing for ya. The small holes at the top are to hold the BBQ skewers that some designs use to hold the front of the power pod.
FT Firewall.JPG


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Thanks, Perfect.

Thank-you for the prompt reply to my inquiry. The drawing is perfect. I am hoping to started on the plane soon.