1. Snarls

    TBS Discovery 3-Axis AP Build Log - Snarls

    Hey all, it is time for another multirotor build. I have been planning this one for the past few months. My first multirotor was a home built 600mm AP rig with a large gimbal for a pocket size camera. It flew, but pretty poorly and the footage was never really any good. So last winter I designed...
  2. N

    Sonar over water

    Hi everyone, I added and Maxtronic I2C sonar module to the Pixhawk on the Discovery pro so that I can do terrain following in Altitude hold mode and it works very well. I was wondering if anyone has tried sonar and then have tried it over water? I would imagine that flowing water would be...
  3. P

    TBS Discovery & 15" Props?

    Hi guys, I've posted here before with a related question and got plenty of replies! So, I'm coming here again to expand my knowledge! Would a standard TBS Disco frame be suitable for 420kv motors and 15x5" Props? Before I put in a purchase order for anything, I need to know if this would be...
  4. Snarls

    Lost and Found

    I want to hear stories of loss and discovery. Everyone has had that one crash where a piece of the wreck goes missing. Whether it is a battery, esc, or that one favorite rudder, loosing parts at the field isn't fun. Then hours, days, or years later you unexpectedly stumble upon the missing...
  5. J


    Can you run E300 esc with 740KV T-Motors?
  6. J

    GOOD DEAL OR NO ?!?!?!?

    They are selling me a TBS Pro with 920kv T-Motors, Receiver for dx8 and a phantom 2 receiver n contoller, 2 batteries, dji 450 arms, e300 esc, video transmitter and some props?? For $700 I am new to this
  7. P

    TBS Discovery Quad - Cheaha State Park

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but I've been flying planes for a decade, and multirotors and FPV for about 8 months. I've taken a few videos before, but they've all been just raw footage. I recently took a trip to Cheaha State Park near Delta, AL and took the Discovery with me. I shot lots of video...