TBS Discovery & 15" Props?


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Hi guys,

I've posted here before with a related question and got plenty of replies! So, I'm coming here again to expand my knowledge!

Would a standard TBS Disco frame be suitable for 420kv motors and 15x5" Props? Before I put in a purchase order for anything, I need to know if this would be practical. I know I would need to change the whole power system, that is not an issue.

Thanks in advance!


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It's a bit of a long story, but keeping it simple I need payload capacity and stability.

As part of a final year Aerospace design project, I am modifying a TBS Frame to fulfill a different role, effectively expanding its capabilities!

I have access to a Stratasys Objet30 also! :)

I will post more details on here nearer the end of the project!


I belive there is a TBS Discovery endurance that can swing 16" rotors. I doubt the normal disco will be able to accommodate 15" rotors.

Link is here to the upgrade kit - I'm sure you could get the arms by yourself.
I've got a discovery and believe that 15" will physically fit(ill check when i get home) without running into each other but alot of your thrust column is wasted on the body and is making a lot of turbulent air for the rest. You would probably get just as much effeciency running a 12" prop at a higher rpm. Not only that DJI arms are pretty flexible and even with a standark 1000kv 10" prop therer is way more flex/give than is ideal with the heavier more powerful 15" props and motors I just see the whole thing being way less than ideal.

There are 3 common upgrade options though to properly mount a 15" prop though.

Aerial Mob arms- What blacksheep uses as mentioned above.
Lumineer- makes a 9.5" extended G10 replacement arm.
AIMDROIX- makes extended aluminum cnc'd replacement arms.


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Didn't they come out with the TBS discovery PRO? Which has extended arms for bigger props and longer flight times? I think they have extended and changed the arms to carbon fiber tubes...