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drone build

  1. T

    Additional source for DIY Drone Racer Kits

    Hello All! We have started a new source for DIY drone Kits. While the drone hobby might have dropped a bit, we feel some of this may have been due to finding information on how to correctly assemble them. Our approach is a bit different in the sense that we provide written as well as video...
  2. G

    Connecting Graupner GR-12L reciver to a raceflight revolt FC

    Hi, couple days ago I started building a new drone with raceflight revolt V3 flight controler. I connected everything and the last step i need to do is connect the flight controler to the reciver, unfortunately i don't know how to do this with a graupner GR-12L reciver. Someone knows how to do it?
  3. Matt125H

    New To Drone Building (Help/knowledge)

    Hi im new to the forums I live Hendersonville tn I will say there is not alot of hobbyshops that are helpful around where i live I will soon build a tarot 690 hexcopter drone In the coming weeks I need help with what direction i need go in to build a custom drone Im not good with...