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  1. D

    Help! New forum very old machine

    Hello! I am new to the hobby and new to these forums. I have a Rotor bones drone kit. I put it together many years ago never flew it and kept it in storage. Now that I am older I wanted to see whether or not it would actually fly. I tried turning it on but the receiver did not light up, so I...
  2. E

    Fpv drone help

    Hello. How do I connect and set up smart audio/camera control with my drone? I have a Runcam micro swift 3 camera, a Synergy f4 flight controller, and a TBS unify pro V3 VTX. I can't seem to get the video working. I have 5V, ground, and video hooked up to ground 5 volts and Cam in on the fc but...
  3. A

    1200kv or 2200kv motor

    Can anyone suggest wheather 2200kv or 1200kv motor is better for better thrust for drone to carry more weight with the drone .
  4. TacoShako

    The Flying Pickle:A dive into flying vegetables

    For years (An hour maybe) I have toiled,breaking bones (mostly my pride) to ask the most serious and debated question in todays' world: "Can the pickle fly?" Now after my very serious math calculations i am putting forward the idea that YES,yes the pickle can fly. After adding the impossibility...
  5. A

    Help! Multi rotor competition help

    Hello my name is Andres, I am building a quad copter that will weigh at most 5 pounds. It will need to fly a long way ( not sure but a mile? maybe more), but I am looking for efficient motors with a low amperage take so that the battery will last longer. I was planning to use a 2300Kv...
  6. T

    Additional source for DIY Drone Racer Kits

    Hello All! We have started a new source for DIY drone Kits. While the drone hobby might have dropped a bit, we feel some of this may have been due to finding information on how to correctly assemble them. Our approach is a bit different in the sense that we provide written as well as video...
  7. G

    Connecting Graupner GR-12L reciver to a raceflight revolt FC

    Hi, couple days ago I started building a new drone with raceflight revolt V3 flight controler. I connected everything and the last step i need to do is connect the flight controler to the reciver, unfortunately i don't know how to do this with a graupner GR-12L reciver. Someone knows how to do it?
  8. Matt125H

    New To Drone Building (Help/knowledge)

    Hi im new to the forums I live Hendersonville tn I will say there is not alot of hobbyshops that are helpful around where i live I will soon build a tarot 690 hexcopter drone In the coming weeks I need help with what direction i need go in to build a custom drone Im not good with...