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Hello. How do I connect and set up smart audio/camera control with my drone? I have a Runcam micro swift 3 camera, a Synergy f4 flight controller, and a TBS unify pro V3 VTX. I can't seem to get the video working. I have 5V, ground, and video hooked up to ground 5 volts and Cam in on the fc but I don't know where to solder TX and RX from the camera.
I also seem to have a problem with the motors/esc. I have Samguk 2306 2500kv motors with an Aikon AK32 4-in-1 35A esc running BlHeli_32. I don't know what dshot level to use. 600, 300, or 150? When I arm the drone, the motors spin up but once I put the throttle past about 50%, some of them just keep going faster regardless of where I put the throttle.
Thanks for the help!
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Any Dshot will work. 600 is a good starting point. The ESC documentation has which level max it can support.
The motors will run away without props, that’s normal. With no props there’s no gyro feedback which messes with the PID loop. If it arms on and off on the switch then it’s ready to test OUTSIDE in a good big space with props on. Do not try with props on the bench.
You can use the pad marked RX smartaudio, just be sure to configure it in Betaflight, where you asign UARTS, Smartaudio is an option in there.
Camera has a plug from the VTX that does everything except VIDEO, the VTX has a 5v out and ground, which feeds the camera, then you wire the VTX either to Vbat or 5v pads (check instruction) and only Smartaudio and VTX video goes into the FC. That’s the cleanest way to wire your video. The cam video goes to the cam video pad and the VTX video goes to the video pad. Smart audio goes to the RX pad labelled. Rest of the wires stayin the fixed loom. That way the video goes through the FC so it can do the HUD info, rest is handled by the VTX.
You have some weird hardwired thing there, I have never used something like that. It should only fit the way it’s illustrated. All the pads are pretty well labelled.
If you want to wire the camera separately you just take the plug from it to the board then put the wires on Cam, 5v and Ground, then it will work. The camera doesn’t need anything else. The other pins are used by the camera programming pad thing.
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