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  1. T

    Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone Mod help

    Hi there! I'm a noob to FPV, antennas, and transmitter/receiver systems and would like some guidance. :) I got the Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone because it was on sale and I thought it would be a nice intro into FPV to see if I'd enjoy the experience. As is, the quad is WiFi controlled through...
  2. S

    Hobyzone Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology

    Have a brand new hobbyzone transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology for sale. Got it with Champ RTF (use my DX5e to fly so this has never been used) Looking to get $25 shipped OBO.
  3. Montiey

    DX9 - Bugs, glitches, and other annoyances

    Are the sticks supposed to turn where they meet the gimbal? Knob does not have physical middle bump The only momentary switch is hard to reach, raven harder to use as a trainer switch Post things you have found annoying here!
  4. Mik3

    The difference between DSM2 vs DSMX

    I found this while searching/scratching my head about the differences between the 2. If I understand this correctly, and please correct me, for 99.9% of RC fliers there will never be a need for DSMX and I shouldn't fret too much over going with a DSMX Tx over a DSM2 Tx?
  5. Fbords

    2 x Spektrum Receivers for sale

    I have a pair of 6 channel AR6100 DSM2 receivers that I've never used. Never even bound them to a transmitter. I ordered 3 of them online a while back and never had the need to use these 2 in anything. Looking for $30 for the pair and I'll throw in shipping. They're great lightweight rx's for...
  6. Foam Addict

    DSM2 nightmares.

    I know that I'm just opening up an old can of worms, but I have to relate these events. I was recently the Cadet commander of a Civil Air Patrol activity known as MARC in California. It teaches the cadets to fly and solo their first year, and repeat cadets are taught 3D and Limited pattern...
  7. JimCR120

    Spektrum DSM2 Users

    I bought my son a DX-5e a few years ago and at first it seemed to work fine. However now my very proficient pilot of a son has lost connection with the receivers and we are losing confidence in this setup. We would have simply bailed-out on this system if it wasn't for the mSR, the ultra-micro...