Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone Mod help


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Hi there!
I'm a noob to FPV, antennas, and transmitter/receiver systems and would like some guidance. :)

I got the Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone because it was on sale and I thought it would be a nice intro into FPV to see if I'd enjoy the experience. As is, the quad is WiFi controlled through an App from the smartphone (I'm using an iPhone 6 w/ iOS 10.2), the video feed (480p) is very laggy and jumpy (inhibiting true FPV flight), and the range is roughly 10 meters.


What I'd like to do is increase the range on the control, as well as eliminate the video lag. I'm thinking of somehow making the X-Stream DSM2 compatible (so I could control the quad with my Orange Rx T-SIX transmitter) WHILE still having WiFi control for the camera feed, BUT swapping the antenna (with something like this: so that the feed performance may improve.

Is this possible?

For WiFi video feed using an 5.8Ghz antenna, the thought process is that Internet frequencies are both 2.4 and 5.8Ghz; the iPhone 6 is able to connect to WiFi of the 5.8 Ghz frequency, so why not use a better antenna with a more secured feed?

The reason I'd like to continue using the app is because it allows me to record videos (priority) as well as take pictures (not priority), and indirectly save the media to my iPhone photo gallery (priority).

What I'd like to do after is maybe have a better camera on it or perhaps just add on a wide angle lens (like this one:, but at this point, I might as well just buy a DSM2 Eachine QX90C ahah!

Here's a diagram I drew:
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