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DSM2 nightmares.

Foam Addict

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I know that I'm just opening up an old can of worms, but I have to relate these events.

I was recently the Cadet commander of a Civil Air Patrol activity known as MARC in California.
It teaches the cadets to fly and solo their first year, and repeat cadets are taught 3D and Limited pattern.

Enough said, on to the story.

I was appointed an instructor pilot, and was equipped with a spektrum Dx7s, and two Eflite Alpha 450's.
My first flight, my student made a long, high altitude pattern, when suddenly he said, "I lost it". I took control back, only to find that neither of us had it. It did an excellent impression of a lawn dart.

So also with the other DSM2 alphas.

A Flyzone Sensei also lost contact, but only had slight left rudder in at the time. It landed itself on a hillside.

What was the culprit you ask? There were 2, TWO cellphone towers off the end of the field. DSM2 doesn't stand a chance...

I am NOT a Spektrum Hater, but if there is even a remote chance of 2.4 GHz interference, it is unwise to use Spektrum DSM2 for anything other than a foamie.


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Just kinda thinking through print here.. I wonder if there could have been another possible cause? Correlation doesn't equal causation. I'm sure the probability of the cell towers being an issue, but then there are a lot of cell towers out there. I would think this would be a greater issue if it were the towers. A club I sometimes visit is surrounded by towers and they have never mentioned a problem. There are five towers within sight of where I fly.

It would be cool to test it somehow. I have no idea how to do that.

Foam Addict

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The flight path was within 200 ft of them, and the planes where 500+ft down range. I think it was a blanketing issue.
All the planes went in in the same 60x60 area.


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You could always try swapping out the DSM2 receivers for DSMX receivers and see if your problems go away. The DX7s supports both. It would be the least expensive option. If it works.


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Haven't had any problems with DSM2 yet, but that said, I haven't bought nor will buy another of DSM2 receiver since these appeared:

OrangeRx DSMX3 Spektrum Compatible DSMX 3Ch S.BUS 2.4Ghz Rx (twin long antennae version)
OrangeRx R800X Spektrum Compatible DSMX 8Ch 2.4Ghz TwinPort Rx
OrangeRx R110XL 2.4Ghz DSMX Satellite Receiver (long antenna version)

Too bad about your crashes, cell towers is nasty stuff. I think at least one FT episode confirmed that? =)

I have a bad habit of flying at just about every unsuitable place I can find, often there's lot of RF interference and will in time swap out all my DSM2 stuff, and once Frsky's XJT is out I'll go with that. Not that I care so much about my models rather than anyone they might hurt when they "land".