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  1. WindWalkerFPV

    ORQA FPV.ONE, Review (Part 1)

    Backer #166 DHL package received 12/13. Another happy ORQA customer! In this video I try to cover my first impressions, pros, cons and experience using the FPV.ONE. This will be a "part 1" with an unboxing and overview only. I have a TON of flight footage and need to start editing... I want...
  2. S

    Recording FPV flights

    Hi. I'm new to FPV. I want to buy a simple set up to go on my planes. I don't intend to race but would just like to record the video of my flights. From what I have read there appears to be three different ways of doing this and I would like some help in understanding the differences and...
  3. Andre

    SC DVR Portable Recorder for FPV

    Picked this one up from DX.com SC-DVR 1-CH 5-Mode Recording Mini DVR w/ Remote Controller (PAL / NTSC) For under $40 USD I now can record the feed from my FPV goggles. The nice thing about the SC model is it using a SD card and will accept 5V power. I happen to have a ESC that was not...
  4. RoyBro

    Splitting Video

    Ok, so I have my receiver in the case. It has a single set of AV outputs. I need to route the video to the 7" monitor and to the DVR, both of which do not have AV pass-through, and to an external port on the case for the FatSharks. I'm afraid that if I just use an RCA "Y" cable or two to split...
  5. RoyBro

    DVR Roundup

    OK, so I have the FPV transmitter with camera, and receiver with monitor. Don't worry, the FatSharks will arrive in a few weeks. In the meantime I'm putting together my ground station. Now I need a mini DVR to capture the FPV video. It seems to me that if they can make something as small and as...