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Recording FPV flights


Junior Member
Hi. I'm new to FPV. I want to buy a simple set up to go on my planes. I don't intend to race but would just like to record the video of my flights. From what I have read there appears to be three different ways of doing this and I would like some help in understanding the differences and choosing the best solution.

I could buy a camera with a built-in SD card or get a monitor with a built-in DVR or add an external mini DVR to either the monitor or camera. I presume that recording the video directly off the camera will give the best results rather than transmitting it and then recording it?

Any thoughts ??? Thanks


New member
I like the cheaper GoPro alternatives, performance is great and you don't have to strap $200 to models that are often worth far less than that!
Mobius Actioncam
Runcam 2

These are ridiculously light units, and both can take a beating. If you're interested in recording your video feed as well, I don't think DVR is really worth sinking money in to by itself... I'd recommend saving the coin for FatSharks with DVR, or other high end goggles/monitors with the same feature