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ORQA FPV.ONE, Review (Part 1)

Backer #166

DHL package received 12/13. Another happy ORQA customer! In this video I try to cover my first impressions, pros, cons and experience using the FPV.ONE.

This will be a "part 1" with an unboxing and overview only. I have a TON of flight footage and need to start editing... I want to make sure everything is formatted properly to show 60fps + full resolution DVR footage. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to keep an eye on this thread.

Also, ORQA, FATSHARK, DJI... Which would you buy? Why?



Wake up! Time to fly!
Nice unboxing mate. The dialog and opinions were nice and the sound was clear and not up and down like in many videos where people hold the camera. Maybe get a tripod to make them better. Trying to do any video while holding the camera and doing other things with the other hand is never a good look. Specially when you do fast movement when you spun the camera around to face you. If you cant afford a tripod a foam board stand or even a cut up cereal box works. (been there done that) Pause for a second before you do something like then cut the scene from one direction to another so that fast motion does not adversely effect some people bothered by motion or with eye issues.

Looking forward to video from the goggles themselves. Just please dont be like so many other people doing goggle reviews who show the go pro flight footage NOT the actual goggle footage they are reviewing hehe.

For me these looked interesting as at the time they went on kick starter I was in the market for other goggles. After reading and seeing videos about the delays I decided to just stick with what I know and upgrade my Skyzones from the 01v2's I originally got to the new O2c's and am super happy with them. Fatsharks never factored into the decision with having to buy separate modules and trackers and all... Easier to Radioshack cob something together with the common sense features we all want in goggles imo.
Nice unboxing mate....

Thanks, it took a good amount of time to erase the spikes in audio from my 5yr old iPhone... I appreciate the pointers, I almost scrapped the whole video because I did such a poor job filming it. Thankfully I just got a new PC/started learning Premiere Pro and was able to edit it to a point that it was watchable. I will definitely work on this and plan to invest in a better camera, mic, etc.

Also, I'm uploading some DVR footage to YouTube right now....
Going from 480p lcd box goggles to 960p oled almost feels like hd.. If I already had a decent set of goggles I would have waited to purchase the Orqas...can't wait for hd/digital modules, hoping dji releases one soon. They will need to if they want their fpv system to be useful in commercial applications. Also hoping orqa will quickly adapt the fpv.one to work with whatever is released (orqa founders said they really like dji products).