1. Spitfire76

    Spitfire76's Build Log of Eclipson's Model B XL

    I've built and flown several 3dprinted planes from Eclipson including their original Model B but this one interested me as it was much larger with its wingspan of 1500mm/60in compared to the original model B of 1150mm/45in. Larger planes are easier to see and I understand actually easier to...
  2. sandwich63

    Wanting to set up Flysky FS-i6X with 5 channel for independent ailerons

    So I am putting together the eclipson model C and am really excited to get the electronics working. I haven't found any good guides that show how to set up independent ailerons (rather than using a Y splitter that gives one channel for the two ailerons to share). Can anyone explain how to set it...