electonics setup

  1. C

    Help! Simple Cub Takeoff/Power Problem

    I recently built the FT Simple Cub and painted it. I tried taking it off and it seems that the B Motor, battery, or propeller (don't know which) is causing the airplane to not be able to take off. At first I tried to take it off, and it drove on the ground, but didn't takeoff. Then I tried to...
  2. Chineesus Chlist

    Brand New! Please help!

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to the aviation side of the RC hobby. I've been racing and bashing RC cars for almost 10 years now (mostly bashing) and have always been pretty intimidated by the flying side of the hobby. A few years ago, I bought an EXI 450 pro helicopter thinking that would be a...
  3. S

    FS-i6s | Vector Thrust | FT Twin Sparrow

    Hey everyone! I need a hand with programming my transmitter for use with the FT Twin Sparrow. I already managed to program the rear V-Tail servos correctly, and now all I need to do is set it up for vector thrust. I am using the FlySky FS-i6s with the FS-i6b receiver. I have used both models...
  4. N

    The Red Bottom emaxx 2306 2750 kv motors.

    Hello, i'm going to be running this new motor on my ft tiny mustang and corsair and I have a few questions. is the BHeli 12 amp ESC going to work or do I need to use my 20 amp BHeli ESC instead. Issue is my 20 amp is XT-60 and my 12 amp is XT-30 and I need to know what batteries to purchase. I...
  5. F

    Bunch of 2212/1000kv and 2200mah 3S - What to build?

    Hi, long time lurker here, but I have the "building bug" and a bunch of electronics left over from an old quad. The reason I am reaching out is: I have been having a heck of time finding plans for that setup. If any one out there has any experience with this please let me know! Thanks to all!