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Hello everyone. I am brand new to the aviation side of the RC hobby. I've been racing and bashing RC cars for almost 10 years now (mostly bashing) and have always been pretty intimidated by the flying side of the hobby. A few years ago, I bought an EXI 450 pro helicopter thinking that would be a good starter and boy was I wrong. I decided to stick with cars after the 4th or 5th attempt in getting the thing off the ground with no success. Anyway, I've had a growing interest in winged flight and have been researching information on getting my pilot's license. With my RC background and my new found interest in flying, it was a pretty natural hop into the RC Flying hobby.

Up until recently I have never owned, let alone flown, a RC plane. Now I own 2 Stearman KT-17s and a Q-Trainer from 3dLabPrint that I printed with my Prusa. The Stearman Biplanes are a surprise gift for my father-in-law who is an experience RC Pilot and the Q-Trainer is for me to learn on. 3dLabPrint's guides are very detailed and give you lots of information about the planes, I just don't have the knowledge/experience to use a lot of that information. I've the planes printed and it's time to install the electronics but I'm getting confused on what I need to look for. Is there anyone here that may be able to assist me with determining what electronic will work vs. what won't?

I appreciate any help and/or advice that anyone has to offer. Thank you and I'm very excited to be starting this hobby!


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What is this Q Trainer? I know that I and others could help if we knew what kind of plane and how big it was.



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I agree with @CorsaiRC though. Foam is so much easier to repair after a crash.

On the 3rd page of the user manual they provide links to the recommended electronics. I see that they don't specifically link to an ESC and motor, but I'm sure someone who knows more about those than I do can help.

The prop they say they tested it with is this one:

Hope this helps!


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My advice is go with foam and watch the FT beginner series
Im with you on that. 3d printed planes tend to end in plastic splinters when they crash... Where as foam you might not even break it but if you do you just cut and glue a new piece.


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  • 3542 1250 kV motor
  • 40A 3S capable ESC
  • 9″ x 6″ propeller
  • 3S 3000 mAh battery
  • 4x HS-82 or similar servos
  • 5 ch radio system
  • Piano wire for pushrods
  • CA hinge sheet
  • 2 mm carbon rod
This is what you will need for the q trainer.


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I would say start with the FT Simple Cub! It has the same characteristics as the Q-trainer Except that it is more durable! Then move to the Q-trainer because it is more fragile and is 3D printed!