1. Mr NCT

    Part Control Surface Protractor 1.2

    I was tired of searching for throw gauges or printing new ones. This protractor is 2 1/2" per side so it's small enough to measure control surfaces and can go positive or negative. It has major divisions at 10° and minor at 2°. I made the outside so that it easily pinches against the inside...
  2. Charlbarl

    Swept tail elevator design?

    Hey everyone! Hope you've been staying safe and healthy. I've been designing a new foamie with swept wing and tail and am stuck on how to implement elevators with the swept tail. I can't really find any example and want to tie elevators to one servo... Any single elevator setup tends to bend the...
  3. S

    Solved Newbie here and need some help with elevator

    Hello I'm new here and new in RC planes. I build Simple Cub from scratch and run into problem with elevator. My elevator does not move like it should, I talking about rates. Even I set high rate on my transmitter my elevator barely reach low rate in both directions (rudder works fine). Please...
  4. S

    Elevator problem when switching mode on e flite apprentice

    When switching from beginner to intermediate mode on my e flite apprentice the elevator changes position causing the nose of the plane to rise!........ If anybody know why, i would be very grateful :confused:
  5. W

    Re-attaching pushrods to servos on the control board

    Did I ask that right? The connection of the pushrod that sometimes comes out from either the circuit board area, or near the control horn? What is the best way to re-attach these so that they are solid and will not come undone easily? Duct tape? heat shrink tube? JB Weld? Solder? All or some...
  6. jamieFL

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX)

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX) For those flying with the FrSky Taranis or the new Horus, I want to share a quick little function that will automatically adjust your elevator trim as the speed of your model changes. It should only take about 5 minutes to add to any of your...
  7. Z

    Mustang Elevator Issue

    I have an issue with my swappable Mustang's elevator. When the servo pushes up or down, only the side attached to the servo really does any moving. The other half lags behind considerably. Has anyone come up with a really good solution for this? I tried to put a barbecue skewer through the...
  8. O

    WANTED!!! Cheap RC glider with no motor! Must have ailerons, elevator and rudder

    Does anybody have a cheap RC glider for sale and is able to ship to Somerset, UK? Thanks