1. D

    AP engine wasp .061 control line

    two AP wasp .061 control line engines, brand new, in box. Also included, control line handle and a one (1) ounce fuel tank $50.00 plus shipping I do have more if interested
  2. SP0NZ

    Part FT Pietenpol Model A Engine 1.0

    FT Mighty Mini Pietenpol Model A Engine STL Files Designed By: Dan Sponholz This model is designed to be a 3D printed accessory for the FT Mini Pietenpol RC foam board airplane designed by Josh Bixler of Flite Test. Josh designed a Model A engine for the Pietenpol using Flite Test foam...
  3. Q

    Sport Cub S Connection Issues Not Covered By Manual

    I have owned a Sport Cub S for about 2 years now, but it has not seen a lot of flying. I went to open it to fix a prop shaft that I had bent, and in opening it, I discovered a thin, red cable that only had one connection point. Is this the antenna for controller binding? Also, whenever I try to...
  4. ZOHIO

    Mock Radial For Master Series P47

    Hey guys, i finally finished and am releasing my design for a mock radial engine. The engine files can be found on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4460787 . The design allows for a adequate amount of room for the flite test radial engine as well as it also fitting snugly into...
  5. AeroEngineer20

    Introduction and Custom Jet Engine Project

    Hello all! My name is Andrew, and I am a university student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I've been watching FliteTest for quite a while now and have been inspired by their designs and their attitude toward the hobby. I think it's safe to assume that I am not the only one here who has...
  6. landedit

    Plastic caps for engines.

    Hello all! I was searching for plastic nose caps for the C pack engine. Where do you buy yours? Or what size you do you for when you buy them?
  7. A

    First projet and need your help!

    Hello everyone! I just discovered this awesome forum, and as a beginner I would need your experience and suggestions for something. I am with a group of 5 people, and we are participating in a cargo plane competition. The goal here is to lift the maximum weight, while having a plane as light...
  8. J

    Engine not working properly. Please help!

    Hi, I'm from an Aerodesign team and we own 2 Magnums .61 XLS engines. We used to attach them to APC 12,25x3,75 propellers because we need to obtain the most thrust available and it was the best propeller for this engine is these considerations. The combination between engine and propeller used...
  9. A

    Mini Super Cub engine not sounding right

    Could someone please tell me how to fix my engine? After I crashed it for the at least 20th time (on accident of course), it started to give off high-pitched whine. I am new to the hobby, so please don't get really technical please.
  10. J

    Engine Problem Diagnosis UMX Carbon Cub

    Hey all. I have a used carbon cub SS that I bought online for cheap. I replaced an elevator micro servo and found out the original motor wasnt working. I replaced the original motor with a newer 2500 kv motor that is now on the MK2's. I noticed that sometimes in flight the motor will cut out for...
  11. jsut210

    Ryobi 31cc Target RPM

    Hey guys, My recent project has been converting a Ryobi 31cc wacker engine to put on a SPAD stick. The work on the engine seems to be done, and now I'm tuning all the kinks out of the system. Anyways, I was trying to check what RPM the engine was running at today, and I thought of a smart...
  12. Hionimi

    One engine's magnetic resistance feels slightly different...

    Hi, I'm working on an completely geniune DJI Flame Wheel F450 at the moment, so using the DJI 2212 engines, though I noticed just one feels, different. Not overtightened or bad, just different. Most notable when mounting the propellers and gently pushing them with your finger, the other three...
  13. jsut210

    Good Plane For a 31cc Gas Engine

    So about a month ago, I ran into a ryobi weed eater that was being tossed. Being fascinated with anything mechanical, I snatched the thing right up and got her running great again. Now that I have this massive engine, what plane could I put it on? I'm looking to scratch build one out of the...