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Good Plane For a 31cc Gas Engine


Expert Crash-Lander
So about a month ago, I ran into a ryobi weed eater that was being tossed. Being fascinated with anything mechanical, I snatched the thing right up and got her running great again. Now that I have this massive engine, what plane could I put it on? I'm looking to scratch build one out of the pink/blue insulation foam. Something like this: http://herbertson.net/BigPink/BIGPINK.HTM is perfect, but I would need plans and/or detailed instructions for the build. I'll post some pictures of the engine later.


Flying Derp
And specifically it mentions using a Ryobi 31cc gas engine lol

Kraut's gigantic gasser first flew on July 4, 2003, and fly it does! Big, beautiful, stable, and the sound of the 31cc Ryobi weedwacker engine makes this the most unbelievable Spad Original ever! Uses 2mm & 4mm Coroplast and PVC fence post. Five Channels (Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle and Flaps).