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esc failure

  1. R

    Hello from Costa Rica. Issue with ESC :(

    Hello Community, I am a University professor and with my students, we are working on a small plane project for taking pictures of farms in Costa Rica. Our problems are with the ESC+Battery+Motor, after reading and make some questions in FliteStore customer support, we still have concept...
  2. D

    Big Problem need help

    hey guys, im a rookie when it comes to drones. So when messing around with bheli I flashed my lumineer Simon 12a esc for my qav 210 with firmware from an Afro 12a. I figured it would work because of the Simon between them but now my esc when I turn them on only beep and do not spin up the...
  3. kdobson83

    Over heating esc?

    Noob question. How does one determine if an esc is overheating? I am flying a ARC Pirates Eazy, fairly small aircraft, smaller that the TT. I am running it on a DYS Samguk 2206 2400kv motor with a 5x4x4 prop and a 30a Emax BL Heli esc. I maidened it the other day on 3s and it flew awesome...
  4. D

    blheli gremlin esc issues

    I am in a bit of a pickle.. Built my gremlin, and had gotten threw all the way to the motor reversal step in blheli. Up to this point I have had no connection issue, motors spun up fine in betaflight. Now in blheli, it is having weird communication issues as at first, none of the esc's...