1. NickRehm

    VTOL F-35 Parkjet - Free plans, .STLs, and Code

    Specs: Length: 32" Wingspan: 23" AUW: 600g Top Speed: ~80mph Flight Time: ~10 minutes (vertical takeoff, forward flight cruising, and vertical landing) Parts I use and recommend: Motors: https://amzn.to/3qXXIU7 Propellers: https://amzn.to/3dMu52E ESC: https://amzn.to/3wmjiD0 Battery...
  2. NickRehm

    Full VTOL F-35 Foamy

    Hi all, Here's my most recent quarantine build while I'm back home with nothing else to do: A full VTOL capable foamy F-35 Specs: Wingspan: 36" Length: 44" Weight: ~900 grams? (haven't weighed since I painted it) Flight controller: teensy 4.0 and mpu6050, custom software Motors: lumenier...
  3. J

    F-35 my 3rd scratch build

    Started scratch Building planes a year ago and have since made 3. Just wanted to see what people thought of it. It's made from foam and balsa, Between raising my 2 kids its taken me 3 months. I'll show the build process if anyone is interested. It's almost finished.
  4. C

    F-35 with EDF

    Hi All, I designed an F-35 with a 64mm EDF in SketchUp and then built it using the standard foam board, and figured I would share it here if anyone was interested. A couple of notes about the build: 1) I put a CC3D flight controller in it so that it would have auto level and it worked great...