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F-35 with EDF


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Hi All,

I designed an F-35 with a 64mm EDF in SketchUp and then built it using the standard foam board, and figured I would share it here if anyone was interested.

A couple of notes about the build:
1) I put a CC3D flight controller in it so that it would have auto level and it worked great; even in windy conditions only holding the throttle it would stay straight and level.
2) I made the whole top removable so that I could get inside and make adjustments without removing hot glue joints. To do this I used similar methods and clips used to hold RC car bodies on.
3) As for electronics I used a 20A ESC and had to use a 3s 1300mAh battery since my 2200mAh was a little to heavy for this model, but a 4s might give it the needed power to carry that amount of weight.

Here are some pictures:
IMG_2726.jpg IMG_2728.jpg IMG_2729.jpg IMG_2730.jpg IMG_2731.jpg IMG_5172 (1).jpg
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Sorry for the late reply, I had to buy a new scale. The plane itself weighed about 415g and the 3s 1300mAh batter was an additional 100g.

Not really sure how to measure the thrust.

It flies really nice with the CC3D since it will auto level. Even though it is just elevons I was able to add a couple flight modes so that one was beginner (minimal elevon angle range), Intermediate (Higher elevon responsiveness but still auto level once all controls are centered), and Rate (purely manual as if the CC3D was not there). Based on the rate mode flight it would be just fine without the CC3D if you have flown anything similar.

With the smaller 3s lipo it had enough power to climb at a decent rate, but I would like to try a 4s some time in the future.