1. S

    Exploration quadcopter?

    Hello FT forum, they say each multi has a different purpose. I have a purpose and need a multi! I want to build a multicopter (preferably a quad to keep price down) to explore with. There is a valley nearby where I live that I would love to fly over. I would like to fly FPV and get range up to...
  2. G

    Inspire 1 camera on other aircrafts???

    Hello, I'm wondering if you could use the Inspire one camera (http://goo.gl/8b0ywZ) on other aircrafts like my F450 with Naza Lite upgraded to Naza V2 ?? I'm exploring alternatives for a GoPro and a gimbal, mainly because my GoPro is broken and I'm looking for an upgrade. Thanks for stopping...
  3. F

    DJI F450 Showcase

    Here is a quick video outlining the capabilities of the DJI F450 fitted with the H-3 3-D Zenmuse Gimbal and powered by the new E300 Propulsion System. The video was filmed in South East England with the Gopro 3+ and edited with FC Pro X. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe...
  4. L

    DJI Phantom Frame Swap

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done a frame swap with a phantom? the stock one is super restricting so i've been looking at putting the electronics into an F450 or similar.
  5. kah00na

    FPV Lens Sizes!

    I bought a pair of FatShark glasses around November and bought a Sony PZ0420 because people I talked to said it was one of the best - it came with a 3.6mm lens. I started learning how to fly FPV. It has been kind of a slow start but I'm finally starting to catch on. It has been kind of...
  6. Hionimi

    Parachute to rescue a drone, mounting questions.

    Hi, it seems the law in my country (Netherlands) is about to enforce parachute systems on drones, I'm cool with that and would love to get something like that as not only does that qualify me to fly legally, but also prevents damage to anything and anyone which is great! :cool: Now, there are...
  7. Hionimi

    Pure DJI F450 project.

    Hi, just wanted to share some experience I've recently been having with the DJI Flame Wheel kit, with Naza Lite + GPS. The idea was to build a pure DJI machine, safe for the receiver and battery. I don't have the build report but honestly there isn't much creativity in building it since...
  8. A

    F450 go pro mount ideas (to exclude the props from the shot).

    Hi All, I've been tinkering with my F450 re-arranging things a little bit. I've also created a anti-jello mount, however I've decided I don't like the props in view. I have been tempted to get a deadcat style frame and transfer over to that, however before i do, does anyone have any ideas...
  9. A

    Mounting Fat Shark Camera to F450

    Hi All, Has anyone any experience in mounting the Fast Shark 600TVL Camera to an F450? (photos would be great!) Also I fly with Naza voltage protection turned off and a LIPO Alarm set to go off at 3.6v, this is connected via the balance connector. Now my balance connector is going to be used...
  10. A

    F450 New Build Lack of power.

    Hi All, Finished building my F450 today, Naza Lite with my Turnigy 9x TX and RX. Motors are DJI 2212/920KV with 30A ESCs with stock dji props (8045), battery is a turnigy 2200mah, voltage alarm showed cells as full. First flight in back garden was great, so we took it to the beach. On take...