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Pure DJI F450 project.

Hi, just wanted to share some experience I've recently been having with the DJI Flame Wheel kit, with Naza Lite + GPS. The idea was to build a pure DJI machine, safe for the receiver and battery. I don't have the build report but honestly there isn't much creativity in building it since everything was done as the manufacturer intended so nothing really creative in it. Though I still felt like showing my build and tell how it flies.

So here it is, F450 ARF kit (including 2212 920kv motors, 30A Opto ESCs and 1038 props),
Naza Lite + GPS, Landing legs and a Spektrum AR8000 receiver with satellite:

So, the platform is intended to eventually fly with a GoPro and Zenmuse Gimbal. (For which I sadly have to get the V2 controller as the Lite can't operate the Zenmuse, and I do wish to stick to mainly DJI, probably not advisable budget-wise but I do like their stuff.)

The Quad took off yesterday for the very first time at a cold night on a lit soccer field that I was allowed to use, it was a bit ticklish at first, think the controller's barometer was still at room temperature. After a while it took off more easily and it flew super tight. Especially with GPS enabled it was nailed in position which is pretty weird at first. Now today I also flew it quickly before a severe depression passed over the Netherlands, so it started to get windy fast. To my surprise however it still holds position fairly well in gusty wind, it's only pretty scary as the Quad act on its own in an attempt to fight the wind but such sudden moves makes it hard to keep you from trying to aid to correct it at first even though the GPS is doing an awesome job. Sadly my hands got pretty cold so couldn't find out what the flight time is yet though.

Everything seems to be set correctly also, got the voltage right as it doesn't start warning after two minutes, (I did fly one battery empty, but it wasn't entirely fully charged) and when it forced to land, it was around nominal voltage after a while. Also got Fail-Safe working thanks to this neat guide. Oh and, Position Lock was also pretty interesting, friend only warned me to not move from your position yourself as it will throw off the actual position that Position Lock uses. (I tend to move while flying.)

Now one thing seems weird in the software used to program the Naza though, one is that the GPS location on the model is back to zero every time I hook the device to my laptop and the other is that my saved setups won't show up in the load menu. Also, has there never been updates for the Lite version?
Some first footage, the Quad is still a bit wiggly and tends to drift, this has been fixed now though, I first thought the gains were too high, but they were too low, re-calibrating the GPS stopped the drifting.

(You can turn on captions to get an idea what is being said, sorry for the Dutchiness. ;) )