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  1. Maingear

    FAA Inspector Communication Protocol

    I am required to maintain A&P licenses. I specialize in the oversight of regulations associated with maintenance, flight operations, engineering, parts repair/sourcing, training, documentation, getting company policies accepted in place of regulations, vendor interactions, registration and all...
  2. Epitaph

    Asking for your help

    Hello everybody. I am here with my hat in my hand as they say to ask of you all a huge favour. As you al well know, you are all under the hammer in the States with the new FAA ruling and I have spread the word here in Spain amongst the forums I am on, and people have signed from the on the...
  3. J

    Comments about the FT “Fight for Your Right for Flight!” video with Trappy

    Have you guys read the comments posted on this video's YouTube page? There seems to be quite a bit of hostility directed at Trappy. I noticed FT didn't allow comments to be posted on the FT site for this specific video. What are your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLm9X1Nyw6E
  4. G

    Roswell Flight Test Crew's excellent interpretation of the FAAs reinterpretation

  5. G

    Flitetest in danger because of new FAA rules!!!!!

    Beyond banning fpv goggles this new interpretation of the rules (june 2014) by the FAA effectively bans ALL commercial flying of model aircraft, such as team flying demonstrations from factory reps and I would assume by the language in the rulemaking you folks at Flitetest who produce videos...
  6. P

    Judge rules that flying commercial drones is legal, for now

    First Post, but been following Flite Test for a few months now. I've been interested in FVP and toying with te idea of getting into it. I just came across this article that I thought people would be interested in. Source...
  7. DejaD

    Fined for FPV flight

    I saw on XJET's youtube channel that Trappy from Team Blacksheep has been fined by the FAA for doing an FPV flight for which he was paid by the institutin that he was flying over... The video said he is going to fight it in court. Just wondering what people are thinking about this. Bruce raises...