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fat shark

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    Need help figuring out the Liftoff flight simulator

    Hi! I recently got the Liftoff flight simulator in hopes of learning how to fly without destroying a quad (which I already did, almost immediately), and I'm interested in using my Graupner mz-10 in it, as well as my Fat Shark Attitude v4 goggles. I did a little googling, but I couldn't figure...
  2. T

    Fat Shark 3D/VR capable?

    Hi, I am wondering, does anyone know if Fat Shark goggles support stereoscopic 3D/virtual reality? Is each occular even hypothetically capable of displaying an independent image, from a hardware perspective? I can imagine an FPV system using two cameras spaced the same as your eyes to allow a...
  3. Z

    FPV setup for versacopter

    I just ordered a fat shark predator bundle for my versacopter, and my question is how exactly do I set it up? To power the video transmitter, do I need to solder a connector to my distribution board or can I run it off my balance plug on my flight battery? I have some small connectors laying...
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    FPV help needed

    I have a Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter and i recently bought the FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX system from hobby king, and when i went to fly it this morning my quad kept loosing signal or something and crash 4 times and i have flown there many times before without...
  5. G

    First Set of FPV Goggles

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if the Teleporter V4 Video Headset with Head Tracking would be a good first set of FPV goggles? And if not, any recommendations would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!
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    First FPV Settup (choices)

    Ive been flying my versa and bloody wonder for a while and feel very comfortable so now I want to get into FPV for fixed wing immediately and in the future some aerial photography with a tricopter. I want to get a fatshark system and dont know which one to get. I want a package so its between...
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    Buddy Code: ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter 600mw. Ends 4-16-13

    I just purchased one of these, here is a buddy code if you are interested.. Hey, a couple bucks to buy more props.. ;) This is good until 3-16-13 then ends. Hope this saves you some $$... Hawkskyflier BuddyPrice Code Want to get a refund of $3.20 for this product? Send the code below to any...
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    Mounting Fat Shark Camera to F450

    Hi All, Has anyone any experience in mounting the Fast Shark 600TVL Camera to an F450? (photos would be great!) Also I fly with Naza voltage protection turned off and a LIPO Alarm set to go off at 3.6v, this is connected via the balance connector. Now my balance connector is going to be used...
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    Fat Shark 250mW and DJI OSDmini

    I have a couple of questions about setting these up and wondered if anyone had any experience with them? I have a DJI450, and a fat shark system on it. I want to be able to move the fat shark between this quad and future planes. I just wanted to know if there was an easy/creative way to add...